Log Splitter: Truth about the best one

Published: 12th September 2011
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If you split your firewood by your own hands, then at some point you ask to yourself, "Is not there an easier way to do this?" And the answer, of course is YES! What you need is a log splitter and not just any old log splitter, but the best. Log Splitter usually is not cheap, so if you do a little work of firewood splitting, you could end up losing lots of money and time. This article will discuss what to look in a log splitter for best one to get and also you are free from back pain and sore muscles.

When looking to buy a log splitter, you must take into account factors such as whether the splitter split the wood horizontally, vertically or both. It is also very important that we look at the power and energy source, like gas or electricity to operate.

Generally, the splitters having lower horsepower can split wood only horizontally as vertical splitting requires more horsepower. Lower horsepower will be about 4-7 horsepower. When you get the Log splitters having horsepower 12 HP and more, you can usually find the ability to split the firewood in both horizontal and vertical direction. The advantage of having the ability to split the wood vertically can be useful if you ever have to split the wood that is on a slope.

Horsepower refers to the tonnage of a log splitter. Log Splitter having 4, 7 or even up to 12 ton is mostly used for the light residential purposes. These machines can split wood which are having up to 12 inches diameter and 20 cm length. Most of the splitters comes under this category are powered by electricity. The advantage of using an electric log splitter in comparison to the gas log splitters is electric gas splitters do not require oil changes, trips to the gas station, dangerous smoke, or produce loud and annoying sounds that you a gas log splitter produce.

Note that if you're splitting your log off-site or away from home that their choice might be to buy a gas log splitter. Many electric log splitters require approximately 15 to 20 amps. If you think you need to divide the wood having more than 20 inches or will split a large amount of wood it is always recommended to move towards higher amount of tonnage or power.

Along with the electric and gas log splitter there are many more types of it which differ from each other depending on the source of power they are using. Before purchasing one you should research well on this and then decide which suits best for your needs.

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